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Leveraging the power of Instagram, McDonald’s Hong Kong has introduced a whole new customer experience by seamlessly combining digital interactivity with offline sales. Working closely with DDB Group Hong Kong and PRIZM,  McDonald’s Hong Kong bands together both agencies that are experts in their respective fields to reinvent the launch strategy and creatives.

The fast-food giant is no lagger on utilising marketing tools to take its business up a notch. Following the success of earlier Instagram Chatbot campaigns, McDonald’s Hong Kong released an unprecedented Instagram Chatbot campaign in collaboration with Green Monday to redefine the O2O2O (online-to-offline-to-online experience).

To reach out to younger generations, McDonald’s Hong Kong continued to utilise Instagram – the top social media platform used by the youth and young adults – as their primary marketing communication channel. Instagram Chatbot, a messaging tool in Instagram, is very effective in engaging with customers immediately through automated responses, not to mention helping the business to save time in operations.

This Chatbot campaign – was a bold attempt by McDonald’s Hong Kong to push the boundaries of chatbot technology, the challenge was to distribute 100,000 NEW LUNCHEON Meat McMuffin with Egg via Instagram.

To get one of the first cracks of the new McMuffin, participants would be required to follow McDonald’s Hong Kong Instagram account and leave a comment saying “I’m a Green Lover” under its Instagram post for the campaign. Afterwards, the Instagram Chatbot would deliver a unique QR code to each participant to redeem their McMuffin’s at any of the McDonald’s Hong Kong selfordering kiosk or regular counters.

With promotion on Facebook and coverage by other local media, the New Luncheon Meat McMuffin with Egg campaign has achieved astounding results, with more than 122,000 total comments and 173,000 engagements on Instagram! Not only did the campaign blew out the expected KPIs, it also provided a valuable source of audience pools for accurate re-engagement in the future. The achievement of the campaign proves that O2O sales, can be driven by Instagram messenger-friendly chatbots.

Apart from multiple successful Instagram Chatbot marketing campaigns McDonald’s Hong Kong has also engaged with audiences through popular Instagram Stories AR filters. For example, during Chinese New Year, McDonald’s Hong Kong created an AR Instagram Filter Game that challenged participants to tilt their heads from side to side to collect mandarins and red packets and accumulate points to win limited-edition prizes. Another example was the McNuggets AR Filter Game, in which participants were tasked to dip the virtual McNuggets as many times as possible in 12 seconds. Both interactive games gained significant popularity and attracted high participations.

The unprecedented achievement of the campaigns was a combine effort between DDB Group and PRIZM. Striving to be the forefront in the industry, McDonald’s Hong Kong will continue to work closely with agencies to explore and formulate better strategies by integrating Instagram to stimulate interactions, drive sales and create the seamless O2O2O customer journey in their digital ecosystem.  

Published by Marketing Interactive on 8 September 2022