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KOL Campaign


The opportunity identified was to reinvigorate awareness of Absolute Vodka while emphasising responsible consumption through a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) campaign.


The objective was to highlight the versatility of enjoying vodka and promote responsible drinking practices, fostering a balanced approach to enjoyment and reinforcing Absolute Voda’s presence in the market. 

Solution and Results

Absolute Vodka’s KOL campaign successfully showcased the versatility of enjoying vodka, whether in solitude or with a large group, resonating with audiences. Through strategic Key Opinion Leader activation, the campaign effectively promoted responsible drinking practices while reinforcing Absolute Vodka’s presence in the market. The campaign achieved its objective of advocating for mindful consumption while reinvigorating awareness of the brand, ultimately contributing to Absolute Vodka’s continued relevance and success in the market.

Account Management

Wendy Toh

Joanne Ang

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