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Sail GP Game AR


With Sail Grand Prix sailing event happening in Singapore, there was a unique opportunity to leverage innovative technology, such as augmented reality (AR), to engage with the event attendees and broader audience digitally.


The primary objective of PRIZM Singapore’s AR game filter was to enhance engagement and excitement surrounding the Sail Grand Prix event while showcasing the capabilities of AR technology. By creating an interactive experience that allowed users to control a virtual sailboat using facial recognition, the objective was to immerse participants in the sailing experience and drive interest and anticipation for the event.

Solution and Results

PRIZM Singapore’s AR game filter successfully captured the attention of both event attendees and digital audiences, generating buzz and excitement for the Sail Grand Prix event. The innovative use of facial recognition technology to control the virtual sailboat provided a unique and immersive experience for users, driving increased engagement and participation. The AR game filter not only enhanced the overall experience of the Sail Grand Prix event but also demonstrated PRIZM Singapore’s expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technology to create impactful digital experiences.

Video Production Team

Lin Yuwei

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