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KOL/KOC Campaign


There was an opportunity for Carrie K to drive awareness and engagement for its new store launch in Singapore.


The objective was to leverage Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) to promote Carrie K’s brand and products during the store launch, aiming to establish a strong presence and attract customers to the new location.

Solution and Results

Prizm collaborated on a KOC campaign, engaging suitable influencers to conduct store visits and share about Carrie K’s products and unique selling points (USPs) in a soft sell manner. The campaign was strategically executed on the Xiao Hong Shu (Red) platform, known for its influence among the target audience. Through Prizm’s involvement, Carrie K successfully leveraged KOCs to drive awareness and engagement during the store launch, ultimately establishing a strong presence and attracting customers to the new location.

Account Management

Wendy Toh

Joanne Ang

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