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In response to the ongoing discussions and concerns surrounding the “US ban on abortion,” Prizm recognized the importance of addressing women’s health and well-being. Partnering with Doctor Anywhere, we embarked on a collaborative effort to create a comprehensive campaign tailored to educate and empower women in Singapore about various aspects of women’s wellness.


The primary objective of Doctor Anywhere’s campaign was to educate the public about women’s sexual health and promote proactive healthcare-seeking behavior among women. Prizm aimed to achieve this by producing a video that debunked myths and misconceptions surrounding birth control and sexual health, thereby empowering women with accurate information. Additionally, the creation of an AR filter quiz was intended to enhance engagement and facilitate learning in a fun and interactive manner.

Solution and Results

Prizm’s innovative approach yielded promising results, with the video garnering significant engagement and sparking meaningful conversations about women’s sexual health. The AR filter quiz complemented the video by providing an interactive platform for users to test their knowledge and further solidify their understanding of key concepts. Overall, the campaign succeeded in raising awareness about women’s sexual health issues and encouraging more women to proactively consult general practitioners, ultimately contributing to improved health outcomes and empowerment within the community.

Account Management

Wendy Toh

Joanne Ang

Video Production Team

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