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Garmin Spec Cut Video


The opportunity lay in showcasing the features and benefits of the Garmin S62 watch, particularly its application in golfing scenarios. With the increasing popularity of golf and the demand for advanced technology to enhance gameplay, there was a clear opportunity to create compelling marketing content that would resonate with golf enthusiasts and highlight the unique selling points of the Garmin S62 watch.


The primary objective of producing the commercial spec cut for the Garmin S62 watch was to effectively demonstrate its capabilities and appeal to golfers, thereby driving interest and purchase intent. By showcasing the watch’s advanced technology and its practical use in real-world golfing situations, the objective was to position the Garmin S62 as a must-have accessory for golfers seeking to improve their gameplay experience.

Solution and Results

The commercial spec cut produced by Prizm Digital Singapore successfully achieved its objective of showcasing the Garmin S62 watch’s features and benefits in golfing scenarios. The film’s stunning location at the Sentosa Golf Club added to its cinematic appeal and captured the attention of the target audience. The compelling visuals and engaging narrative effectively communicated the watch’s value proposition, leading to increased brand awareness and consideration among golf enthusiasts.

Video Production Team

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