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KFC 45Th Anniversary


As KFC celebrated its 45th anniversary, there was an opportunity to leverage social media exposure to amplify the commemorative campaign. Given the widespread popularity of KFC and the significance of the milestone, there was potential to create buzz and engagement among both existing and potential customers through strategic online promotion.


The primary objective was to effectively manage and execute a KOL campaign that would generate widespread awareness and excitement surrounding KFC’s 45th anniversary celebration. Prizm shortlisted and worked with KOLs to promote its special installation dedicated to the anniversary.

Solution and Results

Prizm’s strategy yielded promising results, with the campaign reaching an average of 240,000 people across social media platforms. This widespread exposure contributed to drawing a large crowd to the venue where the special installation was showcased, enhancing the visibility and impact of KFC’s anniversary celebration. The successful execution of the campaign not only generated buzz around the milestone event but also reinforced KFC’s position as a beloved and iconic fast food brand, fostering positive engagement with both existing and potential customers.

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Wendy Toh

Joanne Ang

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