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Sensient LinkedIn Management


Sensient holds considerable potential for growth, yet faces a challenge in effectively communicating with its audience. Our task was to introduce relevant topics to their audience and endeavor to boost inquiries



Our main objective centered on increasing the number of followers for the profile, with a concerted effort to build a larger and more engaged community. Simultaneously, we aimed to provide valuable and relevant information tailored specifically to the needs and interests of their target audience. This two-fold approach was designed to not only expand the profile’s reach but also to establish a meaningful connection by consistently offering quality content that resonated with the intended demographic.



Solution and Results

Over the course of a twelve-month period, we experienced significant growth in our account followers, witnessing a commendable increase of 10%. Additionally, our strategic marketing efforts on LinkedIn yielded exceptional results, as we achieved a remarkable tenfold surge in sales during this timeframe.





Account Management

Wendy Toh and Joanne Ang

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